Motown Mafia: The Story Of Eddie Jackson & Courtney Brown

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From 1969 to 1975 Eddie Jackson & Courtney Brown
ran one of the largest heroin rings in the United States…Grossing 10 million a month in today’s dollars, the Eddie Jackson organization is likely the largest drug ring in Detroit’s history…Motown Mafia is the story of 2 families & how they rose from Detroit’s old Black Bottom & Paradise Valley neighborhoods to the top of the city’s narcotics pyramid…Eddie Jackson was cut from a different cloth than men like Leroy “Nicky” Barnes & Frank Lucas…He ruled his empire with strategy more than violence, despite having to ply his
trade in America’s murder capital- Detroit; Eddie & Courtney also never became federal informants…The “Fat Man’ was the most beloved kingpin in history, dispensing favors & throwing money from the windows of his Rolls Royce…Motown Mafia is not just the story of the Jackson & Brown families, but the story of Detroit itself…from the nightlife of Paradise Valley to the intricacies of the heroin trade at its highest level, “Motown Mafia” is a must have piece of Detroit history.

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